Inside Intermac Stone

15-17 March, 2018 See timing
Pesaro, Italy Open in Maps
Inside Intermac Stone
Pesaro, Italy Open in Maps
Live the experience!
Inside Intermac Stone edition provides a single location for three of the top brands in the sector: Intermac, Donatoni Macchine and Montresor. Come discover superior technology and complete solutions that elevate service with a 360° approach to customer care.
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Sintered materials

For the latest sintered materials, a range of technological innovations destined to revolutionise machining processes in this sector. On the basis of over 30 years' experience in the transformation of lytic materials, Intermac has designed a range that covers every type of machining operation, from cutting to finishing. Three new ideas stand out: the technologies of the Genius RS-A benches, the Busetti double-edged grinding systems, and the Movetro handling and storage systems.

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CNC Machining Centres
During the event, our customers will also be able to see live demos on the Master range - a guarantee of excellence and always a byword for CNC technology - represented by the models Master 38.5, Master 45.5 and Master 850.
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Waterjet cutting systems

The most advanced waterjet cutting systems are also present - namely the Waterjet technology installed on the Primus range and evolving further in the Primus 402 version to meet the need for technology that can adapt to the development of materials and the application requirements of our customers.

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Bridge saws
The entry level bridge saw from Donatoni Macchine, JET 625, that's become the world's best selling product in this category thanks to the combination of groundbreaking technology and Intermac's extensive distribution network.
What you will discover during Inside Intermac Stone


Montresor debuts at the Inside event with edge polishers and polishing systems for finishing marble, granite, porcelain and synthetic materials. The recently acquired brand, in partnership with Donatoni Macchine, completes the range of products and solutions offered with a technology synonymous with excellence all over the world.
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Connected machinery

With the aim of further enhancing the company's commitment to its customers, there'll also be the chance to discover the latest services and make the most of the Customer Experience, developed in line with the principles of "connected machines". A complete experience that will create greater value from the purchase of our machines.
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A new training centre

The jewel in the crown of this investment in services to support the customer is the Academy, a new training centre given over to our customers, dealers and internal personnel. There's a dedicated team that coordinates the company resources with the aim of sharing and spreading technological know-how both inside the company and with the market. The Academy will be organising theory courses and hands-on workshops, and applying the new multimedia technologies to ensure more effective learning, even with distance sessions.
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A technology and training centre

With the “Live the Experience” concept, the Intermac HQ showroom has evolved from a traditional display of machines in a technology and training centre to become a real campus where customers can find all-round consultancy and 4.0 ready personalised solutions to help their businesses grow. To make the most of the Intermac experience, visitors can take part in the “Live the Experience Tour” - a complete guide to the main innovations that will be highlighted during the event.
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The dependable synergy that unites the technologies of Intermac and Diamut

The dependable synergy that has long united the technologies of Intermac and Diamut emerges once again for the Inside Intermac event. In an area fitted out for the purpose, visitors will be able to find out about the potential of Diamut tools and see the live results directly on the Intermac machines.
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
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Inside Intermac Stone 2018
Technologies on display
Master Series
The range ofmachining centres dedicated to stone processing.
Master 850-1200
The evolution of large Intermac machining centres for the machining of sheets, slabs and blocks of natural and composite stone.
Primus series
The range of water jet cutting machines designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility
Busetti F series
The range of double-edging machines perfectly able to process natural, sintered, synthetic materials with thickness from 3 to 40 mm.
Genius RS-A
The entry-level cutting table for sintered materials that enables linear and shaped ceramic sheets to be dry-cut in a simple, intuitive manner.
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Live The Experience
Live The Experience
Inside Intermac Stone is ALL IN ONE
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Inside Intermac Stone is ALL IN ONE
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@intermachq 15 mar 2018
Welcome Montresor brand at #InsideIntermac Stone! The new brand is on display with Luna 8.6 and Vela 7.2! #cnc #cncmachining #instamachining #machining #innovation #technology #marblelover #instastone #stone #stonegram #master #stoneprocessing #openhouse #Pesaro #industry40 #innovation
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Last touches to our Tech Center, the perfect background to living 4.0 innovation!! Visit us in Pesaro! March 15-17 #InsideIntermac Stone! {➡Link in bio} #cnc #cncmachining #instamachining #machining #innovation #technology #marblelover #instastone #stone #stonegram #master #stoneprocessing #openhouse #Pesaro #industry40 #innovation
Inside Intermac Stone: top-level customer experience
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Inside Intermac Stone: top-level customer experience
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The digital factory is waiting for you! Discover it at the next #InsideStone, from 15 to 17 March 2018 in Pesaro, Italy. {➡link in bio} #cnc #cncmachining #instamachining #machining #innovation #technology #marblelover #instastone #stoneprocessing #stone #stonegram #event #openhouse #InsideIntermac #master
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Inside Intermac
Timing and location
Thursday and Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm
Intermac Headquarters Pesaro, Italia Open in Maps
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