Water jet cutting systems

Technical details
The ideal solution for cutting any type of material.

It cuts easily even composite materials, synthetic stones, non-metallic alloys, titanium, aluminium, ceramic materials.

Productivity without sacrificing versatility

Cutting heads

Primus can be configured with one or several independent cutting heads to satisfy customers' productivity needs. Each cutting head is equipped with an independent, automatic abrasive management system that ensures optimal dosage for any type of machining operation.

JPG Technology

Developed by Intermac, the JPC (Jet Performance Control) technology maximises machining efficiency in terms of profile quality/cutting speed ratio.

Double work station

Primus supports a double work station by splitting the work area into two zones. Whilst the machine continues to carry on cutting operations in one zone, the operator can load/unload the pieces in the other in full safety. The barrier that divides the work area into two zones can be easily removed, so that the operator can use the widest possible work area within a single zone.

Thickness tracer system

The Thickness tracer system automatically adjusts the optimal distance between the cutting unit and the surface of the machined component, improving cutting quality and guaranteeing safety during machining operations. It also supports the automatic detection of machined component thickness. Available in two versions: plate cutting and tilted plane cutting

the easiest answer

The ideal solution both for users who are starting out with numerical control machines and those who already have programming experience.

Full work parametrisation, Nesting function also for multiple sheets, Modules for rapid estimation and production reporting.
Area di lavoro  2000x2000 mm 3210x2000 mm 10x4000 mm 3210x6000 mm
Dimensione massima
lastra caricabile
2080x2300 mm 3300x2250 mm 3300x4300 mm 3300x6300 mm
Corsa Asse Z 250 mm (200 mm testa
5 assi)
250 (200 testa 5 assi) 250 (200 testa 5 assi) 250 (200 testa 5 assi)
Velocità massima assi X-Y 45 m/min 45 m/min 45 m/min 45 m/min
Portata massima piano
supporto pezzo
1000 Kg/mq 1000 Kg/mq 1000 Kg/mq 1000 Kg/mq
Asse A +/-60° +/-60° +/-60° +/-60°
Asse C (Opz.) Infinito Infinito Infinito Infinito
Interasse minimo teste
di taglio tre assi
280 mm 280 mm 280 mm 280 mm
Interasse minimo teste
di taglio tre assi + cinque assi
340 mm 340 mm 340 mm 340 mm
Interasse minimo teste
di taglio cinque assi
500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm

Carbon Werke,
the utmost precision in the processing.

In the aviation and aerospatial market, where the utmost precision in the processing of carbon fibre and the ability to process three-dimensional pieces using 5 interpolating axes are paramount.

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